HANDiBAC was created as a ‘must have’ pocket spray to kill germs on the screen of your treasured device, knowing that bacteria that is everywhere we go. We wanted to create a ‘handi’ pocket product which held a 70% Alcohol based liquid, which could kill 99.9% of germs and could be used on your hands, surfaces and most of all, your most treasured possession; your phone.

Directions & Uses

Did you know? ‘There are 18 times more germs on your phone than a public toilet seat?

We have developed a self-protector which you can take everywhere and use immediately, for yourself, your surroundings, and your treasured screen! Germs contaminate your phone and will literally follow you everywhere and get into your system which is how we catch and spread the common cold and other daily germs!

To be able to kill the germs and make your own personal environment safer, we knew the solution needed to be at least 70% Alcohol. We approached a reputable laboratory in the UK to create our HANDiBAC liquid solution. We knew we needed to add Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to the ingredients, in order for the solution to be both kind to hands but not harsh for your phone screen, whilst still killing 99.9% of germs. We then decided to add our own unique fragrances: Very Vanilla, Opulent Pomegranate and Cool Mint, to make the HANDiBAC have a distinct and friendly aroma for all.

The HANDiBAC is the only device of its kind because it incorporates a refillable 3 in 1 Alcohol liquid cartridge sanitiser, giving you extra protection for hands, surfaces, and phones, which kills 99.9% of germs to keep you safe.

The HANDiBAC devise itself is covered with a special microfibre, so with a few simple swipes, you can clean your phone, tablet, or laptop screen, clean of germs.

The HANDiBAC comes in six colours; Red, Black, Blue, Pink, Silver and Gold.


We are able to add your logo to the HANDiBAC outer case sustainable cylinder, so your organisation or event can have their own branded HANDiBAC devices.

For further info please email info@HANDiBAC.com

We are very proud to have created HANDiBAC, which can be used by almost everyone, everywhere.

BEWARE OF FAKES SOLD ON AMAZON, TIK TOK and EBAY – if its not a HANDiBAC, then it’s a fake and doesn’t offer any vital protection against bacteria, the devices are certainly not a 3in1, so please don’t be fooled. If unsure please email us.


HANDiBAC –‘Don’t leave home without it!’