HANDiBAC was created from an initial idea by a designer and his family. Working from home, they wanted to create a handy pocket product which held an Alcohol based liquid, which could kill 99.9% of germs and could be used on your hands, surfaces and most of all, your most treasured possession; Your phone.

Directions & Uses

A concept which has now become a reality, a way to protect everyone in the world from every day germs, especially in these uncertain times, YOU can protect yourself within YOUR own environment on a daily basis by carrying a HANDiBAC 3 in 1 sanitiser to give you peace of mind when on the go?

Whilst governments are trying very hard to develop a cure and future vaccine, we have developed a self-protector which you can take everywhere and use immediately, for yourself, your surroundings and your treasured screen!

Did you know? There are 20 times more germs on your phone than a public toilet seat!

You then carry these germs with you on your travels, which contaminate your phone and will literally follow you everywhere!

To be able to kill the germs and make your own personal environment safer, we knew the solution needed to be at least 70% Alcohol. We approached a laboratory we had worked with in the past to create the HANDiBAC liquid.

We knew we needed to ad Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to the ingredients, in order for the solution to be both kind to hands but not harsh for your phone screen, whilst still killing 99.9% of germs.

We then decided to add a vanilla fragrance to make it a friendly aroma for all.

The HANDiBAC is the only device of its kind because it incorporates a refillable 3 in1 Alcohol liquid cartridge sanitiser, giving you extra protection for hands, surfaces and phones, which could kill 99.9% of germs on your travels.

The HANDiBAC devise itself is covered with a special micro fibre, so with a few simple swipes, you can clean your phone, tablet or laptop screen clean of germs.

Initially we have a choice of three colours; Red, Black and Navy Blue. Currently we are creating 15 different colours and designs for HANDiBAC, due to launch later this year.

Phase II & phase III are in development. We are also looking at a none alcohol liquid option which will be launching in 2021.

Our main objective is for your personnel protection and we will be updating our HANDiBAC products regularly, finding new ways to be improve your wellbeing.

So watch this space!

We are able to add your logo to the HANDiBAC clear cylinder, so various organisations can have their own HANDiBAC devices; to either sell to clients or give to staff to use on a daily basis, in order to keep them safe. Please email info@HANDiBAC.com for further info.

We realise we do not yet have the solution to the Covid19 Virus, but we are very proud to have created HANDiBAC, which can be used by almost everyone, everywhere.

HANDiBAC – Don’t leave home without it!